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Panniculectomy Surgery

What is Panniculectomy Surgery?

Panniculectomy surgery aims to give an aesthetic appearance by stretching the sagging skin in the abdomen. After the development of medicine and technology, patients can lose weight quickly and effectively after surgical operations. As a result of obesity treatment, skin sagging may occur as a result of the birth process. With the panniculectomy operation, the sagging skin, also called the pannus, in the navel region of the patient and excess fat are removed from the body. Thus, the patient reaches a healthy and aesthetic appearance. This operation aims to increase the living standards of the person.

Panniculectomy Surgery
Who is Panniculectomy Operation Applied to?

Panniculectomy operation can be performed on patients who have weight problems, who have frequent weight gain-loss problems, who have undergone obesity treatment, who have undergone childbirth, etc. applicable to individuals. For panniculectomy, it is important that the person’s weight remains stable in the last year.

Preoperative Process

Before the panniculectomy procedure, the person should quit smoking 14 days before, if they are using it. If the person does not have a problem by having some tests done before the operation, the date and process of the operation are determined. Before the surgery, the person is told to stop taking blood thinners.

Panniculectomy Surgery

Panniculectomy is an operation performed under general anesthesia. In panniculectomy surgery, a section is opened in the lower abdomen, similar to tummy tuck surgery. A new belly button is not created, excess fat and sagging skin in the lower abdomen are removed from the body. This operation takes an average of 2 hours and should be performed by specialist physicians in a hospital environment.

Post-Surgery Process

After the panniculectomy operation, the person is discharged 2-3 days later. The person may feel pain after the surgery, but it is pain that can be controlled with painkillers. The drains placed in the body during the surgery are removed after a few days.

Panniculectomy surgery Prices

The cost of panniculectomy operation may vary depending on some factors. These factors are:

  • Area of ​​operation
  • Type of materials used
  • Doctor’s experience
  • Type of clinic or hospital

If you are considering having this operation, you can get the most accurate cost information from our specialist doctor who will perform the operation. For detailed information, you can contact us by filling out the whatsapp or contact forms. 


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