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Microsurgical Surgery

What is Microsurgical Surgery?

Microsurgery is a sub-branch of plastic surgery that uses the finest techniques. In microsurgery, doctors go through a long training process and perform microsurgery operations with special equipment. In microsurgery, doctors use special equipment. Although all the products used are very sensitive, the operation is performed with an operating microscope or special magnifying glasses called loupe to enlarge the surgical field. Although it is used in the treatment of many problems, hair transplantation is a type of operation in which microsurgical techniques are used. During the hair transplant operation, doctors carry out the operation with the loupe. The areas where microsurgery is used can be exemplified as eye surgeries, lumbar and neck hernia surgeries, hand and/or toe cuts and ruptures surgeries.

Microsurgical Surgery
Preoperative Process

It is recommended that the person quit smoking 14 days before the surgery. Some blood tests, x-rays, tomography and physical examinations are performed before the operation. If the person is using it, blood thinners are stopped.

Microsurgical Surgery

It varies according to the type of operation performed. For example, herniated disc surgery is performed in an average of 2 hours, while hair transplant surgery is performed in an average of 6 hours. The type of anesthesia used in microsurgery may also vary depending on the type of operation.

Post-Surgery Process

Although the post-operative process may vary according to the procedure, the recovery period is shorter than other types of surgery.

Microsurgery Prices

The cost of microsurgery may vary depending on some factors. These factors are:

  • Area of ​​operation
  • Type of materials used
  • Doctor’s experience
  • Type of clinic or hospital

If you are considering having this operation, you can get the most accurate cost information from our specialist doctor who will perform the operation. For detailed information, you can contact us by filling out the whatsapp or contact forms. 


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