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Ear Aesthetic Surgery (Otoplasty)

What is Otoplasty (Ear Aesthetic Surgery)?

The main purpose of ear aesthetic surgery is to achieve an aesthetic appearance of the ear. The age of operation is determined as a minimum of 5 years. Prominent ear problem can be congenital, but it can also occur later. Thanks to otoplasty surgery, an aesthetic appearance is provided to the ear.

Who is the Ear Aesthetics Operation Applied to?

The surgery can be applied to people older than 5 years old and who do not have a serious illness. Ear surgery, also known as otoplasty, is applied to people with congenital or acquired ear curvature and auricle.

Ear Aesthetic Surgery
Preoperative Process

Before the operation, the person should stop smoking 14 days before the surgery. If the person does not have a problem by having some tests done before the operation, the date and process of the operation are determined. Before the surgery, the person is told to stop taking blood thinners.

 Surgery Process

The surgery is an operation performed under local or general anesthesia. Prominent ear surgery is a surgical operation. For this reason, this surgery should be performed by a specialist physician in a hospital environment. The operation takes an average of 2 hours. During the surgery, a small incision is made behind the ear.

Post-Surgery Process

After the operation, the person is discharged on the same day and the dressing remains for about 4 days. At the end of four days, the dressing is removed and the person must protect the operation area from impacts. Irritation of the surgical site increases the healing process.

Ear Aesthetic Surgery Prices

Prominent Ear Surgery Prices may vary depending on some factors. These factors are:

  • Area of ​​operation
  • Type of materials used
  • Doctor’s experience
  • Type of clinic or hospital

If you are considering having this operation, you can get the most accurate cost information from our specialist doctor who will perform the operation. For detailed information, you can contact us by filling out the whatsapp or contact forms.


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