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Brow Lift Surgery

What is Brow Lift Surgery?

Brow lift surgery is suitable for people who suffer from both aesthetic and health problems as a result of low eyebrows. Low eyebrows, which can also cause narrowing of the visual field, can also disturb the person aesthetically. It is aimed to eliminate these problems by performing eyebrow lifting operation. Although the brow lift operation can be performed alone, an extra incision can be prevented by performing it in combination with the eyelid lift (blepharoplasty) operation. With the incision opened just above the eyebrow, the eyebrow can be lifted at the desired angle and extent. Surgeon expertise is one of the most important factors in this method, which can be calculated mathematically. Because the incision should be minimal and it should be prevented from leaving a scar after the operation as much as possible.

Brow Lift Surgery
Who is the Brow Lift Operation Applied to?

As a result of low eyebrow problem, a grumpy, sad or tired appearance, deep wrinkles formation in the forehead, etc. If there are problems, eyebrow lifting operation can be recommended. It can be applied to anyone over the age of 18 who does not have a serious health problem and is not allergic to anesthesia and certain drugs.


Preoperative Process

Before the operation, the person should stop smoking 14 days before the surgery. If the person does not have a problem by having some tests done before the operation, the date and process of the operation are determined. Before the surgery, the person is told to stop taking blood thinners.

Brow Lift Surgery

Brow lift operation is an operation performed under local anesthesia. This surgery should be performed by a specialist physician in the hospital. The operation takes an average of 2-4 hours.

Post-Surgery Process

After the operation, the person is discharged. Post-operative pain may occur in the person, but these pains can be controlled with painkillers. The edema that occurs in the surgical area as a result of the surgery goes away within 2-14 days.

Brow Lift Surgery Prices

Brow lift operation prices may vary depending on some factors. These factors are:

  • Area of ​​operation
  • Type of materials used
  • Doctor’s experience
  • Type of clinic or hospital

If you are considering having this operation, you can get the most accurate cost information from our specialist doctor who will perform the operation. For detailed information, you can contact us by filling out the whatsapp or contact forms. 


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